Suzy - 이두나! OST NetFlix Series [2023.10.20/MP3/RAR]

Suzy - 이두나! OST NetFlix Series [2023.10.20/MP3/RAR]

수지 (Suzy) - 이두나! OST NetFlix Series Download Rar
Detail:  수지 (Suzy) - 이두나! OST
Artist & Title 수지 (Suzy) - 이두나! OST  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.10.20


October 20, 2023, marked a significant date for music and K-drama enthusiasts as Suzy, the acclaimed South Korean singer and actress, unveiled her latest song, "이두나!" This enchanting composition isn't just any song but serves as a pivotal addition to the soundtrack of a Netflix series. In this article, we explore the magic of "이두나!" and how Suzy's artistry continues to captivate audiences.

Suzy's Versatile Talent:

Suzy's journey through the world of entertainment has been nothing short of remarkable. As a singer, actress, and model, she's well-known for her exceptional versatility and talent. "이두나!" is another testament to her artistic brilliance.

The Allure of '이두나!':

"이두나!" is a captivating and melodious creation that showcases Suzy's vocal prowess. The song effortlessly combines heartfelt lyrics with a mesmerizing melody. It adds an emotional depth to the soundtrack of the Netflix series that draws viewers further into the storyline.

Lyrical Charms:

The title "이두나!" roughly translates to "Will You Come?" in English, and the lyrics of the song hold the promise of longing and desire. Suzy's voice brings these emotions to life, making the song an emotional centerpiece in the series.

Enhancing Visuals:

The integration of "이두나!" into the Netflix series adds a unique layer of depth to the viewing experience. The song and its accompanying visuals enhance the overall atmosphere and storytelling.

Why '이두나!' Deserves Your Attention:

Emotional Impact: The song's emotional depth and Suzy's evocative vocals resonate deeply with the audience. Intriguing Integration: Suzy's song adds an enchanting layer to the Netflix series, making it an integral part of the viewing experience. Suzy's Artistic Growth: "이두나!" is a testament to Suzy's growth as an artist, further solidifying her position in both the music and acting worlds.


"이두나!" by Suzy is not just a song; it's an emotional journey that adds depth to a Netflix series. With its enchanting melodies, evocative lyrics, and captivating integration into the show, this song is a must-listen and a must-watch. It's a reminder that music can enhance the storytelling and evoke powerful emotions in the context of a series.

Tracklist:  수지 (Suzy) - Doona! 이두나! OST NetFlix Series mp3

1. 수지 (Suzy) - 보통의 날
2. BIG Naughty (서동현) - Daylight
3. 다운 (Dvwn) - Still
4. 권진아 - 너의 우주
5. Seori - Full Moon
6. 김경희 - Violet
7. 드림스윗 - 네 꿈에 숨어 들어가
8. Janet Suhh (자넷서), Will Bug(윌벅) - La papa loom pow
9. 수지 (Suzy) - Undercover
10. Will Bug(윌벅) - Fake (Feat. U.J.M.)
11. 수지 (Suzy) - 보통의 날 (Live Band Ver.)
12.이소영 - 귀여운 악마
13. 남혜승, 고은정 - 네 마음에 불던 바람
14. 남혜승, 고은정 - 비 그리고 자전거
15. 남혜승, 고은정 - 한여름 밤의 우리는
16. 남혜승, 고은정 - 첫만남
17. 이소영 - 소울메이트
18. 남혜승, 고은정 - 원준의 발걸음
19. 남혜승, 박상희 - 잃어버린 마음
20. 남혜승, 고은정 - 셰어하우스

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